Posted on March 6, 2015

My childhood was defined by the toys I played with. Being four years old in the Spring of ’77, I was very much transported to that galaxy far, far away. Star Wars figures transitioned to G.I. Joe figures, then He-Man figures, with lots of other good stuff in between. What’s left of my childhood collection has been reinforced over the last 15 years with thousands of companions. Too much of my free time is spent keeping up with the latest in this subset of geek culture. I have been contributing to action figure collecting forums for a decade, and for the last few years have been a moderator and blogger at a popular genre website.

I began to photograph my action figures  as a “grown up” way to play with my toys. Although this has always been just a personal creative outlet, others enthusiasts began to respond to my images in a positive way. To observe the smiles that spontaneously appear on people’s faces as they interact with my photos brings me tremendous joy.

Through my photographs I endeavor to bring action figures to life, mimicking the magical way toys are seen through the eyes of a child. Using subtle variations in pose and juxtaposition, I try to capture the unique personalities of these beloved playthings. Whether an enthusiast or not allow my photographs to bring you back to that special time when action figures were more than mere toys.