Posted on March 6, 2015

Daniel “NoisyDvL5” Lynch doesn’t know why he’s here. In 2009, he submitted a custom to a contest on and there was this little box that said “website”, so he made www.ItsAllTrue.netand put a couple action figure reviews on it. Then people started coming to the site and have kept coming since. He’s not sure why, but they won’t stop and so he persists. Nowadays, folks ask him to judge figure contests, join special toy groups, and do toy podcasts with weird concepts, so he just carries on as best he can. Luckily for him, Daniel just happens to love toys and collecting which has helped him to build a vast collection of toy knowledge, and not to mention piles of plastic, over the last thirty years. He hopes that someday he’ll finally figure out how he got here… and how to clean out his garage.