Movies & Whales

Third time is a charm!

This is our pre-SDCC 2015 episode where the Dans get together and discuss the summer movies they are most looking forward to, what they are anticipating at San Diego Comic Con and what each of them consider to be their “white whales” in collecting.

What’s a “white whale” and what’s the difference between them and “holy grails?”

Plus, WHO is the “Dan of the Month” for this episode?

Listen to episode 3 and find out!



Fairs & Not Figures

Back for numero dos!

Legion of Dans epi 002 – Childhood Favorites

For the second time this year the FOUR DANS have gathered together to talk about toys in what you earthlings refer to as a “podcast.” In this episode they discuss their favorite reveals from New Your Toy Fair 2015. Two of the Dans were at the show, two were not… will their opinions differ on the cool new items?

In the second half of the show the FOUR DANS discuss their favorite childhood toys, but here’s the catch… they can’t be action figures? What toys do the young Dans cherish most? You’ll have to listen and find out.

AND… for the first time they launch a new feature… THE DAN OF THE MONTH!


Dan & Dan & Dan & Dan

Our premiere episode!

Legion of Dans epi 001 – Secret Origins

This was a project that came to me late last year.   I’ve been in the action figure journalism biz for a long time, and there are a lot of guys also in the “biz” that I really admired.   Then I started to notice a pattern.   There were a handful of guys that held a lot of the same philosophy that I did about toys and collecting:  That it should be fun, that you should do it because you love it, and if it makes you angry or sad you should find a new hobby that makes you happy.

The the pattern went deeper… all the people that it noticed had the same philosophy also had the same name… and it was the same as MY name.    It was then that the “Legion of Dans” was born.

I’m am truly honored to get to work on a project with these fine gentlemen, who’s work I enjoy so much.    They are all experts in their own rights and all approach their love of the hobby in different ways.